Weight Training is very useful part of a fitness-training programme, which should also include aerobic, and flexibility, a balanced diet and stress management. Here is some other beneficial information you should know about weight-training or resistance exercise, which sometimes gets a bad press but in my opinion the negative reactions are a mis-conception.


After the age of about 30, most men and women naturally lose a little strength and muscle every year , until, by the age of about 75, 25% of men and 75% of women can no longer lift over 10 lbs, and remember as a 30 or 40 year old, we all in time get to 70 something!!!


Full physical fitness is more complex than the mere capacity of the heart to pump oxygen round the body and feed the muscles. Exercises that resist muscles, like weight training can build in the lean muscle power that can compliment our overall fitness.

Stronger muscle power is beneficial not only to competitive athletes, but also to anyone going about their daily life, ‘working out’ in the garden, odd jobs around the house, long walks, and we have all woken up next day sore and stiff if we have overdone the activity, because our body has not been in the condition to withstand moving 10 tons of gravel!!!

Having stronger muscles will help ward off fatigue prevents injuries and supports you to keep you in good shape and your skeletal system in alignment.


Many recent studies have shown that while regular low level of aerobic exercise can seem to reduce the risk of some degenerative conditions, such as hypertension, cardiac and diabetes for example, the added benefit of weight training can help with the metabolic balance of insulin and cholesterol.

Only weight training can change your physical shape, by increasing bone density and therefore improving posture, and toning muscles to replace the fat you lose from your aerobic exercise. Remember muscle and fat are two different tissues and one cannot turn into the other, you simply replace not change. A very good analogy to remember is that a pound of fat is the size of tennis ball and a pound of muscle is the size of a squash ball!!!


We know that just taking aerobic exercise will not be enough to produce long-term weight loss, but the combination of weight training and a balanced diet will improve results of weight loss, both short and long term. Using weight training helps keep lean body mass (mostly muscle), increases energy output and aids the burning of calories during digestion. Weight training can actually increase your metabolic rate, because as we tone our muscles, the muscle density increases therefore the need for oxygen to supply the improved muscle fibres throughout our body increases on a 24/7 basis, even when we sleep!!!

Just dieting can actually cause muscle loss, which in turn makes the metabolism less efficient. This is why it becomes increasingly hard to continue losing weight. The important thing is to exercise frequently and over longer periods rather than in short, intense bursts.

Chris Haney is your local Personal Trainer based in Hondon de los Frailes, at the Esport Gym, but if you require any further advice please contact him on 679 008 021.
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