Live-in Carers required for Live-in Care work in the UK. Directly employed by Helping Hands Home Care, leading UK Live-in Care agency. Live and care for your customer in their own home. Fully supported role. Good rates of pay. Approx 6-8 weeks in UK before a break then returning to post. Call 0808 180 1123, apply online

Company name: Helping Hands Home Care

Become a Live-in Carer in the UK

Q1: Who are Helping Hands?

A1: Helping Hands has been supporting people with award winning care in the UK since 1989 enabling customers to remain in the familiarity of their own homes, surrounded by the things they love. As a leading provider of care in the UK, we have a network of regional offices, managers and trainers to support and develop our Carers, who are the very heart of our business.

Q2: What does a Live-in Carer do?

Live-in Care is a full-time homecare service where our Carers are required to live with the customer seven days a week, providing personal care, companionship and any required support according to the bespoke care plan.

Unlike other care environments, Live-in Carers have the time to build a relationship and maintain a high standard of care.

Q3: Will I be able to return home?

A3: Most placements last approx 6-8 weeks, followed by a break. Many of our overseas Carers return home for the break and then come back refreshed to support their customer.

Q4: Can anyone be a Live-in Carer?

A4: Although past experience and qualifications are desirable, they are not mandatory. Candidates applying to be a Helping Hands Live-in Carer must be a special kind of person; someone that is dedicated to caring for others and able to show high levels of respect and determination to be the best Carer they can be. Being a Live-in Carer is a ‘calling’ not just a job.

Q5: What are the rates of pay?

A5: £450-£550 per week with some variance above and below due to complexity of needs.

Q6: How do I apply to be a Live-in Carer?

A7: Call us 0808 180 1123 or apply online

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