For many foreign residents in Spain the language is a major barrier. This is even worse when you need medical attention the stress of the situation makes it very diffi cult sometimes. In other occasions it is a chore to come to the health centre to get an appointment every month. You can easily do this from home using the Conselleria´s web page:

Once in it, click on “ciudadano”. It will take you to the next page, on the left column click on “Sanitat24: Solicitud cita previa en atencion primaria”. It will display 3 different options; click on the first one: “cita por intenet”. At this point your browser may tell you that the vontent has been blocked for your safety. You will have to allow it to “pop up”. It will take you back to steps 2, “Sanitat24: Solicitud cita previa en atencion primaria” and 3 “cita por intenet”. The next page will ask you to enter your SIP number and date of birth. Once you do this click on “validar”. The following screen will show “medicina familiar” for adults or “pediatria” for children. Just click on the circle and click on seleccionar. Now you will get a screen with your health centre and your doctor’s name and a date from which you can choose your appointment. It has a choice of times “from” and “until” which you can fi ll and then click on “pedir cita” or you can just click on “pedir cita” to see the options available. Then you click on the circle of the time you prefer and click on “confi rmar cita” at the bottom left. You will get a window telling you: “you have chosen an appointment in the centro de Salud de (your town) for the service medicina familiar, attended by (your doctor´s name) on the (date and time you chose). Would you like to confi rm the appointment? So you will have to click on “aceptar”. It will now give you the option of printing a “receipt” for your appointment. Congratulations, you made it!!

Now that you know “how to do it” it is important that you respect your health centre´s schedule. For example in Castalla doctor´s appointments are given from 8 till 11am. After 12 the appointments are for prescriptions only, so if you make an appointment at 10 for a prescription or at 12 to have your fl u checked the doctor won’t be able to do it. I

If you need to see the doctor on the same day try to get the appointment between 8 and 10, if there are voids you will get in. If you have a true emergency just go to the clinic, they will see you as soon as possible.