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From Poverty to Freedom Part 2

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Following on from last month’s Part 1 – Franco died at the end of 1975 opening the way in 1976 for a New Spain to emerge from years of dictatorship. This month we look at the years following Franco’s death and the emerging years of a new democracy. The main source for these articles is [...]

General Franco

From Poverty to Freedom

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In this start of a new series of articles, Rob Innis looks at the years following the Spanish Civil War through to Franco’s death and the emerging years of new democracy.

It’s Not to Hot to Tango

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It’s August the mercury is in the 30+ region so summer is in full swing – or should I say Tango. A new feature for summer in Torrevieja is street entertainment. Whilst taking my ‘paseo’ last night I came across a couple in ‘Come Dancing’ mode demonstrating the Tango. Fortunately no Bruce Forsyth in sight [...]

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