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Expat Insurance in Spain

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Expat Insurance is a division of the Solutions Support Services Group. Established in 2004, the Group specializes in insurance products and services for expatriates as well as for clients living in other parts of Europe who have property or assets in Spain.


New Healthcare laws will benefit early retirees


Written by Rob Innis with Jill Buske of Pellicer & Heredia Abogados This month we look at the important issue of access to Spanish healthcare for those who have not reached full pension age or are not working in the system. Since the laws governing the access to the Spanish Social Security system were changed [...]

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From Poverty to Freedom Part 2

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Following on from last month’s Part 1 – Franco died at the end of 1975 opening the way in 1976 for a New Spain to emerge from years of dictatorship. This month we look at the years following Franco’s death and the emerging years of a new democracy. The main source for these articles is [...]



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When you first see Marines as you drive north from Llíria to Olocau it looks like a white painted housing estate, but in fact it is a genuine little Spanish village and fully recognised as such by the regional government. Strictly speaking, it is called Marines Nuevo to differentiate it from Marines Viejo a few [...]


La Foia Golf Society


La foia G.S. is based in and around Castalla and surrounding campo.The majority of members are based at the El Plantio golf club in Alicante where most of the society outings take place. we currently have 26 members and if anyone wishes to join us please telephone Terry on 965 562 536 or sandy on [...]


Restaurant La Ereta

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Firstly a quick explanation, there has not been any reports on the Epicureans for three months because two of the restaurants we visited were return visits and have been written about recently and we had a vacation in Thailand for a month – I would love to give you details and recommend one restaurant in [...]


La Casa In Busot

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A couple of months ago, I asked readers to help me find some new restaurants that they believed would be worthy of a review. This is the third restaurant from that list of recommendations. I received two recommendations for this restaurant in Busot. Although all the food in this restaurant was recommended, The Menu Del [...]

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